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 Welcome to The Sitting Ducks' webbed site. Time was when all a duck needed was webbed feet, but now it seems that today's well-equipped duck needs a webbed site as well. So here it is.  We hope you enjoy it, but if you don't, please tell us why.

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Saturday 23rd June 2007

We will be playing at the infamous 'Blind Lemons Summer Party' at Beacon's Bottom Community Centre.

URGENT UPDATE: For all those that have received flyers we regret to inform you that the venue will now not be able to provide a bar service. However, please feel free to bring your own alcohol and soft drinks. 'You supply the booze, we'll supply the entertainment!'

We will be playing with our great friends the  'Blind Lemons'.

It will be a great night - and all for just 3.00 (under 15's go free).

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Pictures from past performances, and other duck-related imagery. Eventually. For now just some random pictures. Enjoy them while they last.

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