One-minute(ish) samples of the music of The Sitting Ducks

This is a sample CD, made for promotional purposes, containing fourteen tracks, each around one minute long. 

The individual tracks can be downloaded as MP3 files using the links below.

The tracks below are very much the 'Mark 1' versions, which is to say that they aren't quite finished - a couple of the edits need to be improved and some of them need remixing\reprocessing. The purpose of posting them here in this state is to let everybody have a listen and see what they think before a 'final' version is given away to people. Doubtless at least some of these segments will also find their way on to the main website for the general public to download. Anyway, enough blather, here's the music -


1. Whisky
2. Take It On Home
3. Got To Get It Right
4. Too Close To The Wind
5. Ainít Gonna Live
6. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
7. Flying High
8. Williní
9. Joe Hope
10. Matty Groves
11. Tommy
12. Coming Round The Mountain
13. Drunken Sailor
14. Trumpet Hornpipe